An honest discussion about the retirement lie and how to live a future worthy of dreams

Why afterwork and who's the audience?

After years of seeing many financially successful clients struggle in retirement from a non-financial perspective, we wished to explore the intangibles behind what makes retirement "successful". We asked ourselves: how can we develop a roadmap of perspective for anyone, in any financial situation, to be able to make their future years the best, most purposeful and impactful season of their lives.

Those in retirement

Those nearing retirement

Those planning for retirement


Joel Malick & Alex Lippert

Joel and Alex have a combined 30 years of wealth management and financial planning experience. They are co-founders of EverOak Wealth Co. which has assets under advisement of nearly $1 billion dollars. Along with the team at EverOak, they work each day to advance their clients financial health so they can boldly pursue their unique purpose.

“The minute the retirement topic comes up, people naturally start thinking about how many dollars they’ll need. This book opens up a much wider lens, focusing on 10 of the most important NONfinancial factors in the years ahead.”
Dean Merrill
Collaborative Author
Dean is an award-winning author who has collaborated on such business books as More Than a Hobby (with David Green, founder/CEO of Hobby Lobby) and Excellence Wins (with Horst Schulze, co-founder of Ritz-Carlton).

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