This book is just what I needed. While other books have given me good advice, in Afterwork, Joel and Alex have given me handles on how to live my next phase of life with purpose, structure, and joy. Rather than retreating or withdrawing until my dying days, Afterwork gives me hope and the confidence that I still matter. Afterwork has breathed new life into me for the days ahead, and I can’t wait to develop its recommended habits and then teach those same habits to others.

David Ashcraft

President and CEO of the Global Leadership Network (GLN), Pastor Emeritus and Teaching pastor of LCBC Church in Manheim, Pennsylvania, National Association of Evangelicals Board of Directors, and coauthor of What Was I Thinking?

“This outstanding book walks you through ten cornerstone habits for retirement, written by financial planners who don't talk about financial planning but talk about everything else that is much more important. We used this book as a small group conversation guide for those who are retired or soon to be retired."

David S.
Estillfork, AL

Afterwork was a great book, offered smooth writing, and was an enjoyable read. Good insights and valuable information for use even after retirement. I love the way they were able to weave being generous, thankful living, and good stewardship into creating a rewarding retirement.”

Diana L.
Colorado Springs, CO

“Joel and Alex have shared their learning in an engaging, helpful way. My wife and I were stretched and challenged, gaining a lot of practical wisdom and insights. This is the kind of book that's enjoyable to read and full of easy-to-apply ideas to help bring meaning to what, for many, is the final third of life.”

Bob F.
Greenwood, IN

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